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Jet Ski Marina Tour

The Adventure Is Redefined

Jet Ski Adventure in Al Marina Beach

Splash into the warm water of the Arabian Gulf with a powerful Jet Ski ride! This 30-minute exciting water activity is perfect for beginners as well as experts. You can rent a Jet Ski for 30- minutes to an 1-hour to investigate different nearby areas of Al Marina Beach. Additionally, appreciate the views on Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and 7-star Hotel - Burj Al Arab. To meet your expectations and requirements, we have various Jet Ski rental packages accessible from 30-minutes to hourly basis. You can bring along your friends and partner to make it the most vital water ride of your life.

Unforgettable Jet Ski Dubai Experience

The warm water of the Gulf is waiting for you to experience the thrill and excitement like never before. Our highly efficient Jet Skis offer a smooth ride and enhanced handling. Regardless of the fact that you are a fledgeling or a propelled skier, our Jet Ski tour will give you a wonderful experience and the most elating sightseeing adventure. You can splash, twist and pick up the speed to enjoy this thrilling water activity. We offer a safe environment so you can ride a jet ski with confidence.

Prepare for a Thrilling Jet Ski Rental Dubai Adventure

Our most demanded and affordable Jet Ski rental packages will elevate your state of mind by giving you an experience of a lifetime. Bounce on to a high-speed Jet Ski and enjoy the adrenaline rush on this memorable ride. To put it in other words, Jet Ski is an exciting experience that will give you a burst of energy.

Attractive Jet Ski Deals

We offer special guidance to the beginners and follow the safety measures to avoid any mishap. An expert guide is always there on the spot to facilitate you and answer your questions if you have any. Feel the fresh breeze of the air and glance over the sprinkling water waves. This energizing tour includes well-maintained Jet Ski, professional lifeguards and security measures everywhere throughout the shoreline to guarantee your utmost safety while you enjoy in the meantime.

Why Choose Us for Jet Ski Rental Service?

With our professional team and years of experience, we offer you the latest and the safest Jet Skis to ride in Al Marina Beach. All our Jet Skis are well-maintained and fully equipped with safety features.In the first place, our Jet Ski deals give you a great chance to ace your skills and experience the thrill by the twist and turn in the water. This tour is completely safe for a group of friends and family. Additionally, our selection of Jet Skies is comfortable and quiet, supplied with life jackets and safety equipment. When you have a whole comprehension of the "rules and regulations" of water safety and handling of Jet Ski given by our expert, you can enjoy this splendid ride individually.

Huge Selection of Jet Skis

Your safety and satisfaction is our first priority, that’s why we offer you the most reliable Jet Skis to ride. Besides, we look at and fix any damages to the Jet Ski consistently. We have 700 to 1100 cc jet skis and our experienced Instructors will encourage you to master riding a Jet Ski. They will help you and ensure your complete safety and comfort. Also, the guide will furnish you with directions before you enjoy this unconventional water activity. You will feel a great adrenaline rush in your body as you start the motor and ski on the waters. However, do not worry if you miss a turn while driving; you are outfitted with a life jacket, and lifeguards around the shoreline are constantly alert.

A Great Adventure for Everyone

Anyone over 18 years of age can ride a Jet Ski with confidence. You may need to show your ID to guarantee the security. All things considered, if you love the shoreline of Arabian Gulf and want to explore it, Jet Ski in Marina is something you shouldn’t let go without experiencing. We give you an opportunity to put a star on your vacation with the ultimate Jet Ski adventure. The energizing and exciting water sports at Al Marina Beach in Sharjah will make your vacation memorable and you will cherish every moment of it forever.

Al Marina beach gives you great delight. You'll get a break from your routine life and appreciate the time while enjoying with your partner. Our talented water sports guide brief the visitors about security measures and standards before they are proceeding for an energizing ride. Relish the coolness of Mamazar Beach with a great ride. Get in touch with us today and give us a chance to provide you with a great experience. Start your remarkable water venture soon!

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Jet Ski Marina Tour Packages

Packages Dubai Desert Safari Offer


30-Minutes in 350 AED
1-Hour in 600 AED
2-Hour in 850 AED
Get ready for a luxurious experience in the sparkling waters of Dubai Marina. Enjoy a Jet Ski Ride and take in the views of surrounding man-made island and stunning view of Burj Al Arab.

Starts From 350AED

* Under 3 Years & Disable Are Free

Jet Ski Contract Terms and Conditions:
  1. The customer undertakes to wear a life jacket. The establishment is not responsible for any negligence in this respect.
  2. The lessee is fully responsible by law, if motorbikes used by anyone other than the lessee’s name stated in the contract. Contract terms accordingly will be applicable if used by other than lessee.
  3. The customer shall pay 1000-AED towards each day equipment remains under repair in the workshop as a result of an accident as well as repairs costs and spare parts.
  4. The lessee will be personally responsible for the consequences of accident with the Jet Ski.
  5. Each customer is fully responsible for his equipment before the company. He/she is being answerable for the accident or otherwise.
  6. In case of Jet Ski failing under the water and the water penetrated to the engine, the customer undertakes to pay the repair cost that is 2000-AED.
  7. The customer shall not drive near to the beach or in water less than ½ meter deep to avoid close of the water discharge outlet, otherwise the customer undertakes to pay the cost of and damages resulting therefrom.
  8. The customer shall pay 200-AED if he loses key of Jet Ski.
  9. If the tenant entered the restricted area and the equipment was possessed by the authority, the tenant should be liable for the full price of the equipment and any financial of legal liabilities arising because of this action.
  10. By signing the contract, the customer must accept the above conditions and adhere to follow them.
  11. The customer shall inspect the equipment prior to delivery and have no right to object to the accidents report thereafter.
  12. Terms and conditions mentioned in the contract must be followed by the customer and the company is not responsible for such terms and conditions.

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