Dubai Desert Safari – Christmas Eve 2020

Dubai Desert Safari – Christmas Eve 2020

Enjoy Christmas Eve in the Arabian desert, where the adventurous experience of the most thrilling rides raises the fun of Christmas. Where you will get to enjoy the luxurious environment, exciting rides, energizing beverages, and the most entertaining live performances. Also, this Dubai desert safari trip is way reasonable in prices as compared you visit normal working days. Because these are the days, where you get the best-discounted offers. The real fun of this eve comes in the evening and night time.  So let’s check out what happens on this trip.

Desert Safari Dubai – Evening Christmas Eve Highlights

The tour duration of the evening desert safari is approx. 5-6 hours. This trip starts by picking up from your desired place or standard location points. Where you will be picked up by a lavish 4X4 vehicle or bus. These pickup choices depend on your package selection as per your budget. After arriving at the camp location, you will get to explore to enjoy these adventurous rides. Such as dune bashing, camel riding, horse riding, quad biking, and falcon photography. These are the rides, where most will be included in your package but some are not, which means they will be paid.

Camp Highlights:

Then you will be requested to get inside the camp, where you will get to have advanced facilities. Where the camp will be decorated with bolts of lightning, Christmas trees, and other goodies. You have full access to enjoy unlimited tastiest snacks, tea, and Arabian coffee. Where soda lovers can enjoy unlimited soft drinks too. There will be a separate arrangement of Henna Designing for girls and ladies. Also, the best Arabic Costume photography where you get dressed in the Arabic costume and click tons of pictures.

Live Entertainment Shows and Dinner Buffet:

The live entertainment shows on Christmas Eve are next level. Where the dancers put on the red Santa hat and entertain the audience with their dance moves. Then the BBQ buffet is opened in the middle of the performances. So you could enjoy the food while enjoying the performances. Sometimes Santa comes there and distributes the gifts among the guests. Your journey will be ended by dropping off at your home or the place you were picked up.

Desert Safari – Overnight Christmas Eve Highlights

The fun of the overnight desert safari is also next level much like the evening tour. Its tour duration is also 5-6 hours. Where you will be picked at night around 2:30 am – 3:00 am, from 4X4 vehicle or bus. Which completely depends on the selection of the package. Then this tour is way similar to the evening tour from the exciting rides, BBQ buffet, and the amazing Live entertainment show. Let’s check the extra facilities, you will get to have:

Overnight Camping Services:

With the additional facilities, you will get to have our sleeping bags, sleeping tents will be given to ensure you sleep peacefully. Plus an overnight arrangement of coffee and tea. And the next morning you will be offered the tastiest morning breakfast. Where sipping tea, you can enjoy the beautiful morning views. Then you will be dropped off at your desired location around 8:30 am – 9:00 am.