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Dune Buggy

The Adventure Is Redefined

Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure

Dubai Desert Safari Offer is the one place where you will find a huge variety of tour packages that are tailored according to your needs. Happy Adventures is your one-stop website which offers energizing and exciting desert tour packages. In fact, our extraordinary quad bike Dubai offers are best for adrenaline junkies and allow them to investigate the wonderful scene of red sands of Arabian Desert. Besides, our customized Dubai dune buggy packagers are exciting for groups and friends. So it is your opportunity to encounter an adventure tour and test your abilities in the incredible desert of Dubai.

The Best Dune Buggy Dubai Tours for Everyone

Before handing you the vehicle, we ensure it is 100% secure and in excellent condition. That is the reason; our Dune Buggies are all around kept up and bring plenty of thrills while riding. Besides, with the expertise of our professional instructors, you will be good to go immediately. As one of the trustworthy Dune Buggy Dubai rental companies, we focus on offering the best arrangements lasting throughout the year. All our ridge carriages go with comfortable seats, roll cages, and other security features. Every one of these highlights makes our dune buggies the perfect vehicles so you can have an amazing experience in the core of the Middle Eastern Desert.

Fun and Excitement in Dune Buggy Tour Dubai

We are offering you an amazing opportunity to unleash the significant points of view on the Dubai desert with a gathering of experienced and master aides directly with you on the spot. Remarkably, stacked with fun and excitement, our dune buggy tour is entirely guided so you don’t have to have a driving license. We follow the utmost safety rules to give you complete protection.

The Exciting Features of Dune Buggy Rental Dubai!

With our years of experience and expertise in providing customized tour packages, we aim to bring you the best adventures that you will remember forever. Your journey begins from the desert camp where you will first receive the guidance on riding the dune buggy in the desert. The brilliant red sand is waiting for the people who lean toward quick trails, immense edges, and mountains over smooth roads. Dubai desert Dune Buggy is an extreme adventure of the daredevil. Likewise, we can give you 4×4 Desert Safari so you can have a ton of fun with dune bashing on high red dunes, and sand boarding.

Our phenomenal dune buggy Dubai offers are unprecedented for riding over the stunning desert landscape. Our expert guides are helpful and give you additional information which you might not have known at the time of booking. The staff in the desert is wonderful and proficient and helps you out as much as they can. Thus, when you touch base in the desert, you will encounter the real excitement and thrill which you wish for.

Kick Off the Dune Buggy Adventures Dubai This Season

Dune buggy adventure is a well-known activity of Arabian Desert. In this way, as long as you drive through the lovely scene of red sands, we give you all the details and guide you on the most proficient method to utilize the dune buggies in the desert. Our dune buggy Dubai offers are entirely intended for the individuals who love rough terrain driving in a particular style. The red sand desert is the best spot to ride dune buggy in Dubai as it gives an encounter which can be found anywhere else.

You can combine dune buggy and camel ride Dubai and have the most awesome experience of the best activities in the desert. Subsequently, we offer both in our distinctive packages that allow you to have the best experience in the desert.

Dune Buggy Dubai Package Highlights

Dune Buggy Dubai is a daring activity in the desert to investigate and experience the astonishing Polaris RZR Safari, which you can easily ride, and experience the thrill and excitement. We will give you complete safety guidance once you arrive in our desert camp. You will be offered with necessary gearbox and apparels which are clean and good quality.

When you start the adventure, our instructor will give you a briefing on how to control and use the gear. We will give you enough time to get familiar with the dune buggy controls and how to ride it. Be that as it may, you will have a guide to support you and protect you from any startling damage.

Dune buggy Dubai is a sport for adults. To guarantee safety, we permit individuals over 18 years of age to ride dune buggies and any other vehicle in the desert. Furthermore, we provide you riding goggles, gloves and helmets to guarantee total safety.

Dubai Desert Safari Offer allows you to discover the Dubai desert under the supervision of our expert guides. Since our dune buggies are furnished with all the safety features, you can put more vitality in getting a charge out of the interesting desert dunes instead of stressing over your riding abilities. Our outrageous dune buggy Dubai offers let you appreciate and discover the unusual and seen beauty of the desert. So wait no further and book your tour now!

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Dune Buggy Packages

Packages Dubai Desert Safari Offer


Self Drive-Without Pick and Drop
1.Hour Tour - 990 AED
2.Hour Tour - 1350 AED
3.Hour Tour - 1790 AED
4.Hour Tour - 2500 AED
Enjoy dune buggy ride with the ultimate evening desert safari adventure where you can enjoy thrilling activities, entertainment and buffet dinner.

Starts From 990AED

* Under 3 Years & Disable Are Free

Packages Dubai Desert Safari Offer


4x4 Pick and Drop from Home/Hotel
1.Hour Tour - 1090 AED
2.Hour Tour - 1450 AED
3.Hour Tour - 1890 AED
4.Hour Tour - 2600 AED
4x4 Pick-up and Drop-off Service from your location to the desert meeting point after which you can proceed for evening desert safari and dune buggy ride.

Starts From 1090AED

* Under 3 Years & Disable Are Free

Packages Dubai Desert Safari Offer


Pick-up and Drop-off Included.1.Hour Tour - 1150 AED
2.Hour Tour - 1510 AED
3.Hour Tour - 1950 AED
4.Hour Tour - 2660 AED
Avail convenient pick and drop service from your doorsteps to the desert meeting point. Move forward for desert safari, dune buggy ride, activities and buffet dinner.

Starts From 1150AED

* Under 3 Years & Disable Are Free

Packages Dubai Desert Safari Offer


Self-Drive (Without Pick and Drop)
1.Hour Tour - 990 AED
2.Hour Tour - 1350 AED
3.Hour Tour - 1790 AED
4.Hour Tour - 2500 AED
Come to the desert meeting point and proceed for the dune buggy adventure with Morning Desert Safari where you can capture impressive pictures.

Starts From 990AED

* Under 3 Years & Disable Are Free

Packages Dubai Desert Safari Offer


4x4 Pick-up and Drop-off Included. 1.Hour Tour - 1090 AED
2.Hour Tour - 1450 AED
3.Hour Tour - 1890 AED
4.Hour Tour - 2600 AED
Comfortable and secure pick and drop by a 4x4 vehicle to take you for the ultimate safari experience. Ride Quad Bike in the desert and capture some amazing moments.

Starts From 1090AED

* Under 3 Years & Disable Are Free

Dune Buggy Tour Inclusions:
  • Guided tour. No driving license needed
  • Variety of dune buggies to ride
  • Professional safety helmet
  • High quality boots to protect from injuries
  • First aid and protection kit
  • Knee pads for safety
  • Professional riding gloves
  • High quality riding goggles
  • Experienced instructor available on the spot

Why You Can Trust Us!

Guide 1. Variation of Dune Buggies

We have variety of dune buggies which are safe to ride. We have installed roller-cages in all our dune buggies to avoid any accidents.

Guide 2. Cheap Prices

We offer best deals and discounted prices on all our tour packages. We offer the most affordable dune buggy adventure deals.

Guide 3. Professional Support

To make your desert tour excellent, we provide excellent customer support through and our team is always there to answer your queries.

Desert Safari Guide

Guide 4. Excellent Gear

When you are riding with us, have you no worry about the safety of the vehicles and yourself. We have protection kit and first aid facilities.

Guide 5. Riding Apparel

You will get all the riding apparels on the spot to enjoy dune buggy adventure in full swing with your companions.

Guide 6. Experienced Instructors

We have on-site instructors and trainers to assist the beginners as well as the experienced riders so that they can ride with confidence.

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